The Charter Oak Cultural Center in partnership with Ribbon Candy Hooking presents:

THE ROMANCE OF FIBER ART features exciting and breathtaking rug hooking and needle felting pieces by acclaimed fiber artists from across the United States. This exhibition is curated by Pierre Sylvain and Deana David. The rug are on show between April 16th and June 8th 2023.

Exhibition List:

# name artist name piece
1 Pierre Sylvain Soulmate
2 Amy Bossiere The Rockabye Bear Chair 
3 Pierre Sylvain Martin Luther King
4 Carole Bukowski Pelot I Am Willing
5 Linda Shultis Hoffman Sitting on the Top of the World
6 Dave Lake If You Really Knew Me What Would You Say
7 Berta Smith New England Warmth
8 Shannon Carter Van Gogh Chair
9 Candace Laird Van Gogh Meets Warhol
10 Ruth Rowe Decker Van Gogh Chair Pandemic 2021
11 Carole Bukowski Pelot Kitchen Love
12 Ann Polizzo Van Gogh Under the Sea
13 Robyn Laforest Jax's Starry Night
14 Jane Davies Grandchildren Come to Play
15 Joy Wolski Starry Nights & Sunny Days
16 Kazuka Stone Spindle on the Van Gogh Chair
17 Kirsten Gay Van Gogh Chair With Two Cats
18 Susan Barnard Why Van Gogh Hated Cats
19 Jean Coates Van Gogh Chair at the Mission
20 Linda Ann Kissau Van Gogh Chair
21 Becky Jo Starnes Van Gogh Cross
22 Nancy Klunder Van Gogh Chair
23 Linda Schiwall The Exchange
24 Tara Boyle Van Goghs Chair in Klimt's Garden Under a Starry Night
25 Carole Bukowski Pelot Love   
26 Robyn Laforest Dandelion Wine
27 Art Oxnard Mr. Tumnus
28 Naomi Nieser Allen Lucy Steps into the Wardrobe
28 Dawn Collins A Good Day
30 Michelle Traweek Micarelli Jack of Clubs
31 Darlene Abbot Magpie Reflections
32 Kirsten Gay Home is my Creatures
33 Shannon Carter Thanksgiving in Japan
34 Kirsten Gay Wilma's Seaside Adventure
35 karen garbee Princess and the Pea
36 Deana David Muiden Maiden
37 Arjen Lissenberg Joc
38 Tara Boyle Pet Lion
39 Michelle Traweek Micarelli Celtic Eagle
40 Ryan LaBeau Did You See That
41 Ryan LaBeau Funhouse
42 Michelle Traweek Micarelli Coral
43 Robyn Laforest Sail Away
44 Amy Bossiere Pool Party Sequel
45 Amy Bossiere A Beautiful Unravelling 
46 Pierre Sylvain Love Matter
47 Debra Walland Jakarra Jakarra and the Seven Sisters
48 Juliet Page Chesapeake Fantasy Sampler
49 Juliet Page Chesapeake Fantasy Rug
50 Juliet Page Odyssey Rug
51 Debra Walland Chuck's Diner
52 Marilyn Barajas Vintage Stove
53 Karen Garbee March Lion
54 Marilyn Barajas Bear with Blueberries
55 Pierre Sylvain The Old Violinist and His Dog 
56 Karen Garbee Hansel and Gretel
57 Naomi Nieser Allen Welcome to the Shire
58 Arjen Lissenberg The Creek
59 Deana David Magdalena's Lollipop Tree
60 Deana David Deco Galaxy
61 Deana David Mom's Flowers Dad's Weeds
62 Deana David 1985 Cat
63 Deana David View from Digby
64 Deana David Proddy Bouquet
65 Deana David Schmetz Petz' Cat Wine
66 Deana David Valentine Bouquet
67 Linda Ann Kissau home is where the heart is series 3
68 Pierre Sylvain This is Love
69 Michelle Traweek Micarelli Guarding Marina
70 Deana David Starry, Starry Sea
71 Deborah Haagenson


72 Karen Budnick

van Gogh Chair


This exhibition is a combination of Local Fiber Art, the 'van Gogh's Chair Rug Challenge', the 'Story Rug collection' and a selection of 'Antique Hooked Rugs' from Deana David's private collection.

Most rugs from the 'van Gogh's Chair' and 'Story Rug' Challenge where done by members of the 'Rug Hooking & Punch Needle Club by Ribbon Candy Hooking' Facebook group.

Special thanks to Michael A. Peck for his generous sponsorship of this event.