Juliet Page: Chesapeake Fantasy Rug

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Name of the Piece: Chesapeake Fantasy Rug (Chesapeake Fantasy Series)
Designer: Juliet Page
Dates: May-June 2022
Makker: Juliet Page
Town/State: Annapolis Maryland USA
Backing: Linen
Supplies used: Handspun wool yarn, commercial wool and wool blend yarns, velvet, wool fabric cut with scissors – not a uniform size.
Resides in the Master Stateroom on our boat
This was my third hooked piece and the largest rug I have made so far. I drew the design full size on craft paper and transferred it to linen using my sliding glass door as a light table. I developed the design so that it would look good from any angle. When not in an art show this rug resides on the floor at the foot of the bed in the master stateroom of our 43 ft boat. I want to be able to look at it from the bed, when walking into the room or from the adjoining head (bathroom) without the design looking sideways or upside down – hence the tidepool view from above! It features a wide variety of yarns, ribbons and velvets and even some glow in the dark fiber! Many of the yarns I handspun myself from fleece I prepared on my drum carder. This gave me control over the color blending and allowed me to achieve an ombre color progression, especially important for the background.

    The Chesapeake Fantasy rug has a number of Bay themed items – and was designed with a lot of family input!  Can you find them all in the rug?

    14 schooling fish

    13 oysters

    12 terrapin flippers

    11 aquatic flowers

    10 marsh periwinkle snails

    9 floating pods

    8 swirly bubbles

    7 leafy reeds

    6 pieces of beach glass

    5 underwater grass species

    4 seahorses

    3 terrapins

    2 starfish


    1 Chesapeake Bay blue crab!