Deborah Haagenson: Nibbles

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Name of the Pattern – I created my own pattern, so it doesn’t have a name. I’m calling my piece ‘Nibbles’, so that would be what I would call the pattern too.

Designer Name – Deborah Haagenson

Date Started - 2/16/2023 

Date Ended - 3/11/2023

Your Name – Deborah Haagenson

Your Town/State – Spicer, Minnesota

The Backing Material – Panama Monks Cloth (No grid lines like other Monk Cloth)

The Supplies Used – Wool, houndstooth for the rabbit, felt for the initial border, leaves and grapefruit, yarn for the details in the face, needle felting for the nose and inside the ear, heavier yarn to whipstitch the border.

The story – On our way to CA in January 2023, we stopped at a friend’s house in AZ and under her grapefruit tree in the backyard were a bunch of rabbits eating the leaves. I thought this would make a cute story rug for rug hooking.

Additional Information

  • This is my second rug hooking piece.
  • I used blue houndstooth in my first piece, so I thought it would look nice for my rabbit’s fur.
  • It was difficult to know how much shading and highlights should be added. I took my work out several times to try to get it right.
  • I like how the using narrower strips, along with the black outlines caused kind of a layering effect, so the rabbit and the grapefruit stand out.
  • I liked creating my own pattern. I had more of an attachment to the piece as I was working on it.