Karen Garbee: March Lion

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Name of the Piece: March Lion 

Designer name/Company name: Karen Garbee 
Dates: December 18-January 13
Name: Karen Garbee 
Town/State: Black Forest, Colorado 
Backing material: Rug warp
Supplies used: Wool, Cotswold Curls, taffeta, yarn, beads
The saying normally goes that " March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb" but in Colorado, March normally comes in and out like a lion. It's considered our most turbulent and unpredictable weather month of the year. I thought it would be fun to design a rug that illustrates that as well as play with different techniques to achieve it. 
I used hooking, punch needle, latch hooking, felting, proddy and waldoboro to create the overall piece. Incorporating the Rya wool yarn three strand bundles for the Lion's body was an experiment that was fortunately successful. Figuring out the tension for the knots was a challenge on the rug warp so the piece would lay flat but also stay knotted. Also, figuring out how to attach the lion's mane so that it draped freely without losing the integrity of the Cotswold Curls was a minor struggle.