Van Gogh's Chair

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In the wake of the immersive Van Gogh exhibit that swept through the country (including Hartford) on a swirl of star-colored magic, our Facebook group ‘Rug Hooking & Punch Needle Club’ decided to have a Van Gogh ‘Chair Challenge’. The famous yellow chair pops up a lot on Van Gogh’s interiors and is recognizable enough to be the perfect subject for a personalized composition.

Ruggers who participated in the challenge had carte blanche regarding size, materials, and even subject. Everyone used a representation of the chair (some very literal and some really far out!) and personalized it to tell a story about their life, their home, their dreams.

When you look at the Van Gogh chair—image what you would put on it? Where is the chair? What room is it, what season? Is it indoors or outside, under a starry night? There are as many possibilities as there are artists out there.

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