Deana David: View from Digby

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An original Design by Deana David: View from Digby

This piece, also in my new book, out in July called Easy Beautiful Handmade Rag Rugs, pays tribute to wonderful and whimsical Canadian folk artist, Maud Lewis - a Nova Scotian icon born around the turn of the twentieth century. I have used one of her favorite views of town, that of Digby Bay, to create a simple, open landscape. My landscape is hooked in a combination lush, green solids and a variety of plaids I knew would add texture and interest to the trees and the small houses. Maud often used marine paint and endearingly mismatched colors in her pieces. I tried to anchor this piece with common marine paint colors while adding some mismatching of my own to bring some of Maud's spirit to this little piece of storytelling art.