Darlene Abbot: Magpie Reflections

Name of the Pattern: Magpie Reflections
Designed by: Darlene Abbot
Date: Finished November , 2023
Made by: Darlene Abbot 
Town/State: Western Illinois
Backing: Weavers Cloth  15 "× 12.5"
Supplies used: Acrylic yarn, DMC floss, wood/glass beads, Sari silk, and wooden buttons
The inspiration for this piece, came from the idea that we human magpies, with our great collections of materials and ideas, can have our doubts, along with our joys of creating. Like words appearing suddenly in a mirror, and our feet  going in two directions, we can continue or quit. Hopefully our creative sides and spirits prevail.  I've been interested in many types of art and crafts, since I was very young. That has been a very long time. There isn't much I haven't tried or read about. I definitely have that Magpie spirit.
Magpie Reflections, is my first regular size punched piece. Producing varying heights, using low pile settings, has been a challenge. My ideas were bigger then my abilities, but as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained!