S. Kirsten Gay: Home is my creatures

Design and hooked by S. Kirsten Gay
Hooked for fun
The rug was hooked on linen with new and recycled wool fabric, yarn, and roving, and with recycled sari silk ribbons.
My concept of home is where my people and creatures are. This rug was designed and hooked in January and February 2021 and is my  COVID wither “COVID Rug” effort. I felt safe in my home with my family against the deep Vermont winter snow and the coronavirus. 
All my creatures are tucked safe and happy inside with the flowers while the snow and a few little red COVID-19 viruses fall on the sturdy roof of the house. The creatures are (left-to-right) my cat Bebop, my husband Doug, me, my mom Lynne and my cat Joonbug. 
A fateful trip to Canada brought me to a tiny rug hooking shop in PEI in 2016. I was hooked. I have a background in Architecture and Landscape Architecture, and I also draw, paint and create ceramic sculpture.