Deana David: Proddy Bouquet

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An original Design by Deana David: Proddy Bouquet.
This project, reminiscent of an old 'Vogue' magazine cover, celebrates the sophisticated soirees of yesteryear, when couples celebrated the New Year both uptown and downtown.... from the cellar of a speakeasy.... to the rooftop of a skyscraper. Imagine travelling back in time to a chilly 1920's night, settling in by the fireside with a rag bag of scraps, a simple prodding tool, and the promise of a glittering New Year's Party on the calendar.  Work begins on a festive bouquet pattern with a chic, cosmopolitan Art Deco feel. The simple design is worked in silks and wools to evoke dancing couples in wool jackets and soft, floating flapper-style gowns. The traditional proddy rug is worked in reverse with a small, bulb-shaped tool used to prod strips of material through the back of your backing to the front, creating a high-pile, pixelated party of colors and shapes. The shaggy look of a proddy rug always reminds me of a New Year's party with corks and confetti flying through the night!