Jane Davies: Grandchildren Come To Play

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Name of the piece: Grandchildren Come To Play

Designer name: Deana David, Ribbon Candy Hooking & Jane Davies

Dates: October - December 2022

Name: Jane Davies

Town/State: Newtown, Wales, UK

Backing: Monks cloth

Supplies used: Acrylic yarns, chenille yarns, cotton cloth, some synthetic dye used on the yarns.

Inspiration: The question asked for the Van Gogh Rug Hooking Challenge was _ "What is important to you?" My 4 grandchildren aged from a few months to 4 years old immediately sprang to mind. I adore seeing their little shoes, so my thought was to imagine them coming to the farm house, jettisoning their wellies, hats, scarfs, gloves etc and coming into the kitchen for a hot drink and something yummy to eat from their Nanna after playing outside. This is my representation of the most important people in my life who feed my soul and fill it up constantly with their individual personalities, quirks, sayings, hugs and smiles.