Deana David: Magdalena's Lollipop Tree

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An original Design by Deana David: Magdalena's Lollipop Tree

This cheerful piece, also included in my new book 'Easy Beautiful Handmade Rag Rugs', was inspired by Magdalena Briner Eby, a pioneer in the world of rug making and folk art who was born in 1832 in Perry County, Pennsylvania. She featured animals and the natural world in her art and used berries from her backyard to dye wool salvaged from her brothers' Civil War uniforms and the hospital her sister worked in. Magdalena often created these iconic trees in her rugs, thought to be a Pennsylvania Dutch style of family tree. This early design always reminds me of the 1951 Burl Ives song 'The Lollipop Tree' and the two concepts inspired this simple, whimsical design. Quillie rounds are perfect for creating lollipop-like blooms on this vintage tree. Quillie rounds and shirring can be sewn directly onto any backing fabric including already hooked designs like this one. Be sure to hide your stitches by making all your knots on the back side.