Juliet Page: Chesapeake Fantasy Sampler

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Name of Piece: Chesapeake Fantasy Sampler (Chesapeake Fantasy Series)
Designer: Juliet Page
Dates: April-May 2022
Maker: Juliet Page
Town/State: Annapolis Maryland USA
Backing: Cotton monk’s cloth
Supplies used. Handspun wool yarn, commercial wool and wool blend yarns, velvet, wool fabric cut with scissors – not a uniform size.
Resides in the Galley on our boat
This was my second hooked piece. My first hooked piece was a 6” kit from Deanne Fitzpatrick in early 2022. I decided that I wanted to make some rugs to use in the salon and front stateroom on our 43 Ft boat. Since we go boating primarily on the Chesapeake Bay I chose that as the theme. Designing my own rug gave me full creative freedom. This rug was created as a sampler. It allowed me to try out the various bay motifs, color palette, different yarns, ribbons and velvets, including many of my own handspun yarns and to learn what worked best. I hooked it on some monk’s cloth I had in my stash but decided that I really prefer hooking on linen!  I’m happy with the eventual outcome, but there was a lot of ripping out and rehooking along the way! The rug has a simple whip stitch binding using my handspun wool. When not in a gallery it resides on the galley floor in our boat.