Arjen Lissenberg: Joc

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  1. Name of the pattern: Joc

  2. Designer name: self made

  3. Dates: 2021

  4. Your name: Arjen Lissenberg

  5. Your town/state: Hamden CT

  6. The backing material,Monk's Cloth

  7. The supplies used: Woolen vintage scraps.

  8. Who is the rug for? This Rug is based on a sketch (see below) i made of my daughter, Jocelyn, reclining in her then favorite chair.

  9. Any other information you’d like to tell us about you and the rug: The chair has been carted of to the dump during the time I was making this rug. I took some extra photographs of the back and sides for reference before I hauled it outside for the truck to take it. I added our cat Pitterpat to the composition later.