Deana David: Muiden Maiden

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Name of piece: Muiden Maiden
Designed & Made by: Deana David, Ribbon Candy hooking
Date: 2021
I used to live in the Netherlands- for quite a lot of years. Although I was born there, I grew up in Rhode Island and am a New Englander at heart. I missed home terribly during those years I lived in Amsterdam and had my babies.

    Once in a while we rode our bikes to neighboring towns and I felt more like a tourist than a resident of the city. Those days were the best. On one of those rides we ended up in Muiden—an impossibly charming little village filled with cafes, small shops, and a few galleries. I fell in love with some small pottery busts of deco looking ladies in the window of one gallery and bought one.

    After I moved to Connecticut (phew) my mom was visiting, and I was tearing through the house looking for bits and pieces I could set up into a still life. I found the little pottery lady and ended up sketching her out for a rug design for my mom to try. I hooked her, in wilder colors than the pastel original for my mom that year and gave it to her as a birthday present.