Story Rugs

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What is a Story Rug? Well, it’s not just a nice design. It’s something that means something to the maker. Story Rugs are designed by the person who created them and are embedded with a personal story.

Sometimes the story is very small—like a moment at a café, eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation. Or a vignette of night at a band concert with balloons flying and light sticks conducting. And sometimes a Story Rug is vast, and more epic in composition. Some story rugs function as a memoir, biography, or family tree- taking you through the most significant moments in that person’s life. Some Story Rugs are private, their exact meaning secret and elusive to all but the maker. Some Story Rugs are cathartic, and created to work through a problem, make a decision, or exorcize a ghost. Some Story Rugs are funny, some a fleeting memory, some to remember.

If you were going to make a Story Rug… what would your story be?

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