Ruth Decker: Van Gogh Chair Challenge.

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Name of Piece: Free Download Van Gogh Chair Challenge

Designer name/Company name: Ribbon Candy Hooking, Deana David & Ruth Decker

Date: During the COVID pandemic 2021.

Maker: Ruth Rowe Decker, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Size: 8”x11” (approximately).

Backing: Burlap

Materials used: Recycled and New Wool.

Mask: synthetic and cotton.

I recall Deana challenged the viewers of her Coffee Time episodes to consider something meaningful or significant and place it on the chair. At the time of hooking my Van Gogh piece it was the height of the Covid Pandemic. Therefore I selected a mask to portray something significant and a part of my life. I hope this piece connects with others in an element of truth the world experienced.