Linda-Ann Kissau: Home is Where the Heart is Series #3 - Deana's Home

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Name of the Piece: Home is Where the Heart is Series #3 - Deana’s Home
Design by Linda-Ann Kissau
Date: February 2023
Maker: Linda-Ann Kissau from Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Size: 24”x28” 
Backing: Burlap
Supplies used: Made with wool strips, yarn and roving.

The third rug in the series and this one I made for my beautiful friend Deana. The house used for inspiration is Deana’s childhood home. This house has a big spot in Deana’s heart where her childhood memories and dreams live along side flashbacks of times, conversations, holidays and milestones spent with her family. Deana has mentioned how in a perfect world she’d love to live in this home again, but this is not a option, at least not at this time, however having a rug of her heart home is definitely doable. I made this rug for Deana with the goal of giving her a reminder of not only her childhood, but also her future. The hearts coming out the chimney in their many different colours represent all the dreams, plans, love, adventures, people, pets and memories that live in us. The hearts are to remind us that we have room for all our memories old and new because life is always moving and evolving. I hope that when Deana hangs this rug in her home she can look at it and not only reminisce about the past, but have optimism for the future; feeling joy, hope, love and excitement about making memories as a mother, partner, friend, daughter, sister, author, artist, business owner and whatever other role she finds herself in.

This rug is made on burlap with an array of wool cloth, yarns of different textures and thicknesses, and roving wool. Even though this rug was a surprise for Deana, it was extra special for me to be able to put in some yarns and cloth that Deana herself dyed and created that I had in my stash. I was also able to use some of the yarns I’ve dyed myself too. I like the idea of having a little bit of myself and Deana in this rug to represent our friendship.