S. Kirsten Gay: Wilma's Seaside Vacation

Designed and hooked by S. Kirsten Gay 
Wilma’s Seaside Vacation, Vermont 2021 
Hooked for fun 
New and recycled wool cloth and yarn on a linen backing 
A friend sent me a picture of Wilma, her pet chicken, with permission to use it for a sketch and a rug design. I got into one of those creative moods where I had-to-hook-this-chicken-right-now! Full of humor, whimsy, and a tiny bit of landscape. Wilma lived in a house in Vermont, but this is her vacation to the beach (if only in my imagination). 
A fateful trip to Canada brought me to a tiny rug hooking shop in PEI in 2016. I was hooked. I have studied Japanese garden design, Architecture, and Landscape Architecture, and practiced Business Software Interface Design Consulting for about 20 years. I draw, paint, create ceramic sculptures, and hooked or punched rugs.