Karen Garbee: Princess and the pea

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Name of the Piece: Princess and the pea

Designer name/Company name:Karen Garbee
Dates: February 24-28
Name: Karen Garbee
Town/State: Black Forest Colorado
Size of the piece: 12 inches x 12 inches
Backing material: Linen
Supplies used: Wool, yarn, trim, sari silk, paisley
While taking Deana David's "Design like Fairy Tales" class I created a sketch of what a scene from the Princess and the pea would look like. The final piece is a more polished version of the sketch.
This was a quick and fun piece to hook. However, if I were to do it again, I would make the piece bigger so that I could give the princess more detail. It was very difficult to create her as small as she is successfully.