Tara Boyle: Pet Lion

Name of the pattern: Pet Lion
Designer name/Company name: Tara Boyle
Dates: Started in January of 2023 and finished in February .
Maker: Tara Boyle
Your Town/State: Oakville, Ontario Canada
Size: 13 x 17 inches
Backing: Primitive linen
Supplies used: Wool strips cut size 4 and size 6. Wool yarn and gold embroidery thread
When I was a young child in the 60's, my baby brother had an imaginary friend named Pet Lion. I use to watch him (and his teddy) talking, laughing,and running around playing with something I couldn’t see. 
I thought he was a little weird…then when I got older, I wished I had had a Pet Lion. A couple years ago I asked him if he remembered what he looked like, he thought about it and said, "Imagine if Vincent Van Gogh had a lion”. Thus this mat came about.