Arjen Lissenberg: The Creek

  1. Name of the pattern: The Creek

  2. Designer name: self made

  3. Dates: Nov 2022 to March 2023

  4. Your name: Arjen Lissenberg

  5. Your town/state: Hamden CT

  6. The backing material, Linen

  7. The supplies used: Mostly Woolen vintage scraps, some of the brighter yellow and green parts are home and hand dyed.

  8. Who is the rug for? This Rug is based on a photo I took of the woods behind a Christmas Ornament and furniture store in Granby CT last November. It was a perfect example of early Fall in New England (see below)..

  9. Any other information you’d like to tell us about you and the rug: I had to pause making the rug for months due to an injury but I used that time to dig through bags and bags of woolen scraps trying to find the colors, shades I needed to finish the piece.