Robyn LaForest: Dandelion Wine

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Name of the Piece: Dandelion Wine
Designed and hooked: Robyn LaForest
Date: Started in March 2023 and finished in April 2023
Town/State:Plover, Wisconsin.

Size: 15 inches x 13 inches
Backing: Linen
Supplies used: wool strips, wool yarn and twine.
I designed this mini memory of a day in my childhood. In the 1970’s my dad wanted to make dandelion wine, well he needed a lot of dandelions so he recruited myself, my two sisters and some neighborhood kids to pick buckets of dandelions! We received 5 cents a bucket and of course yellow stained hands! The mother of the neighbor kids was not too happy! 😁 My dad gave me a bottle years later at my wedding!
I used a metal frame, usually used for macrame, for a template and to attach the piece to after hooking. I used the whip stitch to attach it. My hope is to do more mini memories the same way and display all together.