Designing Like… Claude Monet!! Zoom Workshop July 2022

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In 'Designing Like... Claude Monet' we will look at the life and work of one of the world's most beloved artists, From Monet's idyllic Giverny ponds and gardens to his Mediterranean masterpieces, we will travel with the artist, study his favorite themes and techniques, and learn how to apply his subjects and his style toward creating compositions that will work beautifully for rug making. 
A few days before the class you will receive an email document with drawings I make (that we will use in class) for games, exercises and sketching icebreakers and challenges. This is a no-pressure class, designed to help you identify and translate the iconic look of Claude Monet to your own designing. 
It is helpful to print out the email, but not essential. All you really need is blank paper, a pencil, and tracing paper is helpful (but also not essential). 
This class is recorded, so if you are not able to make it, it is possible to watch it later, at any time. Everyone who signs up for the class receives the sketch materials, the 2-hour slideshow of the class, that can be paused/played at your convenience, and a recording or the live class - whether you were able to attend live or not. 
Hookers and Artists of ALL levels are welcome and wanted!


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