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This month's 'Design Like' series is a perfect seasonal blending of two iconic Frosts: Edward Sands Frost and Robert Frost. 
Edward Sands Frost was the resourceful 19th century tin peddler who saw that women were struggling with the designing part of their hooked rugs and decided to start making stencils to help them lay out compositions and make more successful, impressive rugs that were not just functional but pleasing to look at. 
Robert Frost, poet laureate of Vermont, is still one of the best-loved poets of all time. His eternally moving poems like 'The Road Not Taken', 'After Apple Picking', 'November Guest', and 'Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening' are just a few of his haunting and evocative works. 
In class we will use stencils to work out compositions to illustrate the various poems. We will work in the style of Edward Sands Frost to create rug compositions that illustrate Robert Frost. You will learn more about composition, hear Robert Frost read many of his own poems, and come away with a bunch of sketches that will make wonderful hooked rug designs for your future projects. 
** This class is offered with the stencils as a download at no extra cost or with the stencils cut out and physically mailed to you. It is the same collection of stencils no matter whether you cut them out of printer paper, or have me mail them in thicker cardstock. 

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