Design Like.. Alphonse Mucha, Jan 2024

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The mystery, the romance, the ornate mystique of Mucha's beauties. You've seen the iconic work of this beloved artist on theater murals, museum keychains, Paris metro posters-- framed prints on restaurant walls and stacked books on coffee tables all over the world. Alphonse Mucha had a profound effect on the art nouveau movement and all that followed it. Let's look together at the irresistible lure of Mucha; the blushing maidens, the blooming flowers, the enduring graphics, the unmistakable palette... and the legacy of a pivotal and groundbreaking genius. 

This class will run live on two different dates (each class is independent and complete, but you have two chances to log on live). The class is recorded for those who can't make it. In class we will work together on a series of compositions in the style of Mucha that will make beautiful, original designs you might want to use for your rugs. 

No one is out on the spot. You are welcome to have your camera on or off, and interact as much or as little as you would like. 

Meet me in late 19th century Paris with your sketchbook and a pencil and let's fall into the shadowy footsteps of the masterful Mucha!

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