Design Like.. The Tarot Card, Oct 2023

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For this installment of 'Design Like,'  we will be looking at the mystery and meaning of the tarot card from a designs perspective.
The tarot deck has 78 different cards, each with its own theme and purpose. For example, did you know that the hanged man card (the man hanging from his foot by a rope) actually represents the idea of looking at things from a different perspective? Many tarot cards that seem dark in meaning are actually about rebirth and reinvention. The art that accompanies each deck is unique and exciting to look at. 
In this class we'll look at new and old imagery and design compositions that resemble both the tarot card and the 2-sided playing card. 
Bring a little magic and meaning into your life this October with 'Design Like the Tarot Card!"
This class runs live twice and is recorded. If you are not able to make it to either live class over ZOOM, you will receive the same materials and a video recording of the class to watch any time.

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