The Pig's Breakfast Dye Class

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Learn how to dye for Rugmaking with this ‘all you can eat’ buffet of mixed fibers and techniques. Learn on your own time with a pre-recorded 90 minute video to teach you the following ten dyeing techniques:

  • Dyeing solid colors
  • Dyeing mottled colors
  • Hand-painting wool
  • Silk tie transfer
  • Sari ribbon dyeing
  • -Hairdresser bottle painting
  • Dip-dyeing
  • Tie-dye dyeing
  • Marrying colors
  • Silk stockings dyeing


The Pig’s Breakfast Dye Class comes with everything you need including 6 pots of powder dyes, a long half-yard of Dorr wool, one skein of 2-ply and 3-ply Briggs & Little 100% wool yarn, 4 hairdresser bottles containing dye powder, 3 silk ties, 20 yards of sari ribbon, synthropol, citric acid, plastic gloves, a mask, and mini scoops for measuring dye powder.

This is an all-in, comprehensive class with ten different techniques fully explained and demonstrated.


Choose from the following palettes to determine which 10 colors you will receive:

     - primitive traditions

     - bohemian cityscape

     - autumn symphony

     - neon city brights


Starts to ship on October 1st 2023

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