Punch Needle/ Rug Hooking Windowpane Frames

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16": 16" x 16" outer frame,14"× 14" interior, 2" deep

14": 14" x 14" outer frame, 12"× 12" interior, 2" deep

12": 12" x 12" outer frame, 10"× 10" interior, 2" deep

10": 10" x 10" outer frame, 8"× 8" interior, 2" deep

Here is a perfect frame with an all around comb to grip your punch needle or rug hooking piece while you work. The slim, hard-wearing beauties are practical for small and larger projects and easy to travel with. Prop your frame on the arm of the couch or the edge of your table and let the fun begin! This is a no base frame ideal for puncher and hookers who like to work propped up as opposed to on the lap.

 All wooden parts are Poplar.

Hand crafted in New England, USA.

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