Designing Like... the Midcentury Atomic Age, February 2022

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What is more hip than the good old MCM? 
Do these hipsters know how truly historic and design-driven this period of design was? It's not just sleek, expensive furniture in overpriced vintage shops--- this period stretched and reshaped traditional design like eggs of Silly Putty. 
This month let's look at the designers, the shapes, and the palette. We'll be looking with a special eye as to how this era of design relates to rug making. 
As with all our 'design like' classes I will forward you some worksheets in advance to print for class time. We do a series of exercises that help us pinpoint the dominant themes and tricks that made design of this period work.
This month it will be useful to have a pad of colored construction paper, a pencil, and scissors handy. We are going to do some historically contemporary designing! Oxymoron intended. We'll collage and sketch and fuse 1950s style with traditional rug hooking designs. You will end up with a boomerang full of working sketches to use!

The workshop will be held twice: Wednesday Feb 2nd (2022) 6-8pm EST and Sunday Feb 6th (2022) 6-8pm EST

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