Claude Monet Inspired Yarn Sampler

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Inspired by Claude Monet I created a Yarn Sampler that celebrates his paintings and choice of colors. The set has 20 colors.

    The skeins are 20 yard of 3 ply. This Yarn Sampler is available for a limited time only, be sure to check back!

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    The colors are also available as half and whole skeins here:

    Poppy Field Flower

    Poppy Field Sky

    Poppy Field Brush

    Poppy Field Grass

    Villa Garden Grape

    Villa Garden Sky

    Villa Garden Green

    Villa Garden Rust

    Sea Cliff Waters

    Sea Cliff Grass

    Sea Cliff Sky

    Sea Cliff Shadow

    Misty Morning Blush

    Misty Morning Rouge

    Misty Morning Rose

    Misty Morning Fruit

    Pond Lily Purple

    Pond Lily Pink

    Pond Lily Green

    Pond Lily Peach


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