Absolute Beginners Rug Hooking/ Punch Needle Zoom Class: Stained Glass

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This class is for absolute beginners and upwards. 

Sunday December 20th

7-9 pm EST

Choose from one of the following Stained Glass Designs:





I will send you the design (16" x 12") of your choice on monk's cloth and all the hand-dyed wool strips, in gorgeous jewel colors, to complete this project.

* If you need help choosing a frame, hoop. or hook, please send a message and I'll direct you to the best-priced choices. 

*If you are going to punch, let me know the size of your punch needle so I can send you the right sized strips. 

*A zoom class is guaranteed, if your package happens to not arrive on time, which is not impossible in this time of COVID19 and the Holidays, we will arrange an extra class at a later date with you. 

*Colors will vary from kit to kit but each kit will come with a great selection of bright and muted colors to make the stained glass pattern pop!

*If you just want to order one of these designs in a backing of your choice or PDF you can find them here: Cross, Dove, Menorah or Sheep

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