Vintage Tearoom: Jan 2022 Set, Half and Quarter Yards

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Quarter Yards: 9" x 56"

Half Yards: 18" x 56"

The Swatch Set is available for a limited time here ,

 It's been a long time coming but welcome to the first swatch set of the New Year. This collection is inspired by way too many Hallmark movies and 1920s era dreams of driving around the countryside in search of quaint little tearooms. 'Vintage Tea Room' pays tribute to all the sweets and sweet little touches in these old formal tearooms. 

Comment if there's a tea room near you! We all want to know and visit!

The separate colors are available as quarter and half yards (or multiples).
Colors in this series: 
Prawn Crisps
Sugar Cubes
Clotted Cream
Porcelain Teacup
Maple Butter
Lipstick Stain
Berry Tart
Trifle Cup
Crusts Cut Off
Orange Curd
Wedgewood Plates
Posie Vase
Lady Grey
Peppermint Tea
Ladies Fingers
Grape Jelly
Plum Preserves
Boysenberry Jam
Chintz China
Raspberry Meringue 

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