Tudor Pond

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This design, also created to celebrate the video 'Color and Dye Pigment for Fine Art vs. Fiber' on the Ribbon Candy Hooking YouTube channel. This is Lady Jane Thornhaugh painted by William Larkin in 1617. The really remarkable thing, for me, about this portrait is the subject or her skirt; it's a highly-decorated textile that emulates elaborate embroidery, and the subject is: sea monsters. Yes, so unexpected! There are all manner of crazy monsters and eel creatures with colorful combs and scales. I made this composite design, doing something of a scatter print, with the funniest character's posed together. I kept the dotted, dashed, and solid lines throughout that give it an Asian feel. 

You can go absolutely anywhere with color on this one, but it is also available as a kit, if you want to stay true to William Larkin. 


Based on the embroidery of a Tudor Lady's dress.

15" x 15" .

The wool for the kit are cut at #5; you can also request uncut wool.

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