Tomato Pin Cushion, January 2021 Beginners kit

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12" square January kit

What is the story of the whimsical tomato pincushion everyone seems to have in his or hew sewing box?

The story goes back hundreds of years. We know Egyptians used pincushion, little sewn poppers that were simple and inelegant. We know Europeans used pincushions for sewing and as a vehicle for showing off pins, which were expensive and showed off one's status. Early Americans were suspicious of tomatoes; they were known as 'love apples' and thought to be poisonous. Of course, Italians eventually arrived and showed everyone just how fabulous tomatoes are. Nonetheless, it was believed that putting a tomato on your mantle, particularly in a new home, would bring you good fortune and wardrobe off evil spirits. In seasons when producing a fresh tomato was not a possibility, woman would fashion a tomato out of red cloth and sawdust. The tradition of a stuffed tomato on the parlor mantle was a widespread tradition, and one that was carried down through the generations. Next time you pull a pin from your tomato, remember how scarce and coveted a simple straight was among our ancestors, and be thankful for all you have!

This is available as kit with pattern on linen or monk's cloth or as pattern only (choice of linen, monk's cloth or transfer pattern).

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