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Halloween Fluffy
Inspired by Maud Lewis' many Fluffy cats, we hook/ punch this moody, mysterious cat pumpkin together in a live (and recorded) 2-3 hour hook-a-long on Monday, October 30th 6PM. 
The pattern can be finished as a shaped, stuffed whimsey, a mug rug, or a framed piece. 
I will be finishing mine in a standard 8.5" x 11" frame. 
'Halloween Fluffy' is available as a pattern or a kit. 
The kit variant matched what I will be hooking live-- hand-dyed #7 wool strips in reds, antique blacks, and hand painted purples. 
Order early for the kitted version, and see you soon for some festive hooking!

*** This event is perfect for beginners who want help with hooking techniques in a relaxing learning environment. You are able to chat and ask questions live, so I am able to help with problem-solving while we're working together. 

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