Art Deco Pin Cushion Doll with silk necktie dying kit option

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This little art deco pincushion (Eloise or Colette) either comes as a pattern or as a kit you can use to begin your silk tie dyeing adventures. 

The kit will come with 4 colorful silk ties, a quarter yard of Dorr wool, a vial of synthrapol, a pouch of citric acid and twine.

Because you don't know what colors your silk ties will produce, your kit will come with either a day time or night time palette. Please specify with a comment whether you would like  day time (pastels) or night time (jewel tones).

With this pattern you can experiment with giving your pin cushion doll a proddy skirt or try hooking elements of the background with the results of your silk tie dyeing.

The Pattern is 12" by 12" and will come on  the backing of your choice.

Learn how to do Proddy:

Learn how to do Silk Tie Dyeing:

This kit will start shipping Feb. 24th 2021.

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