Little Foxes

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Little Foxes; little beginners kit, 6" x 6".

Here comes our 1st-ever live, start-to-finish Hook-a-long. It's called 'Little Foxes' (minus the infamous warmth of Bette Davis) and comes with all the material you need in numbered bags. Colors will vary, as I will be hooking Little Fox live in a new colorway.

The event includes the kit and private link for Sunday, March 12th, when I will be streaming live for a couple of hours as I work this piece through from beginning to end.

You can chat with me through the live stream, and you can watch me hooking throughout... beginning to end.

Patreon members will receive login info even if you are not ordering the event kit. This will be a fun afternoon together filled with chatter, tips, and plenty of basic technique instruction for even the very beginner! (Click here to become a Patreon member)

If you order the Kit after the event or can't attend; you will still receive the recording so you can watch at your leisure at a later time.

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