Jocelyn Birthday Rug Hooking Kits 26 designs

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In honor of our lead designer's 8th birthday on September 30th we present, for a limited time only, 'The Jocelyn Collection'.  These small (about 10" on average) beginners' kits are perfect for true beginners but also your children or grandchildren! 

These are the 26 designs for $45,- each

We are also offering, as an option, all 26 designs as PDFs for $26.
And as a gift from her, a free PDF of her design: "Those Hookers are Hot"!

Please add a note when you order as to whether you want #5, #8 strips or not cut.

Also please tell me whether you want the color scheme to be SURPRISE! or tell me your favorite colors. 

Birthdays are the best holidays of all. From our little rug hooker to all you other Libras - Happy Birthday month!

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