Hit or Miss 'Mizzy Mazzy' hook-a

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Is all hit-or-miss created equal? No! There are so many different ways of approaching your hit-or-miss projects. In this class we will learn five different fills; each designed to create varied movement and color effects. 

This class comes with the pattern (on linen) called 'Missy Massy' (the British term for hit-or-miss) and an 8 ounce bag stuffed with noodles of MANY colors and sizes. The bags are random but will ALL contain a rainbow of darks, lights, dulls, brights. 
We'll hook together to get a feel for the merits of the different hit-or-miss patterns, and you'll leave with the right information and skills to approach all your future hooking projects. 
The class will run twice, and will be recorded. Everyone in the class will receive a private link to the class to watch again and again. 
*your kit also comes with separate quantities of blacks, greens, and pink to complete the inner motif of the potted heart flower. 
The techniques shown will be echo, marble cake, log cabin, cat's paw, and clam shell. 

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