Geometric Tee

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Rug Hooking, Punch Needle, and Mini-punch needle pattern.

36" x 49.5" on Linen or Monk's Cloth Pattern, Forward (Hooked) or Reverse facing (Needle Punch)

56" x 76.5" on Linen​

Other sizes by request  

4" minimum border with serged edge 


PDF – Digital Pattern 

Linen and Monk's cloth from Ribbon Candy Hooking but shipped from Vermont, USA.  The pattern includes general instructions on the specifics of this pattern and a color image.

Geometric Tee pattern was designed to be a Hit & Miss floor rug and it will also look great on a table. The Shades of Grey is illustrated with seven different shades and assumes no directionality. This pattern is not offered as a kit at this time, as it is intended to help use up extra worms (unused wool fabric strips from other projects).

Background: If you look in the background of the concept photograph for the Ink Woven Mandala pattern designed by my architect father, you will see a little sketch on his desk to the right. I zoomed in on the sketch, and all I could see was the basis for a fabulous and unique Hit & Miss pattern. I took the T pattern, placed it on a grid, and finished the design with a rectangular shape.

Part of the S. Kirsten Gay collection

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