Designing Like... Vintage Vogue Covers, Mar/Apr 2023

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Welcome to the latest installment of 'Design Like...'

Are you a lover of all things fabulous and vintage? The exotica of ladies in Dior dresses riding zebras and performing a sidewalk ballet with paper umbrellas? This month's Design Like... will cover the design and illustration from the deco period of Vogue, and other ladies' magazines. I will also be looking at Erte, and his contemporaries in fashion and theatre design. 
This chapter of 'Design Like' is very near and dear to my heart. I have a thousand ideas for compositions to ignite your whimsey and imagination, using the high hat graphic style of the Vintage Vogue era. 
This class is recorded, if you are not able to attend live. You will receive a file of drawings to print at home - that we will use in class - that will arrive a few days before the class runs. 
This class is for people who love vintage style - whether you consider yourself an artist or not - you will leave class with a collection of original drawings that will perfectly suit your rugmaking projects!

As you may know, I'm working on the first 'Design Like...' book for Rug Hooking Magazine. All three of these women are a part of that book project so if you end up designing and/or completing any rug project you create as a result of this class--- needless to say I would LOVE to use it in the book!

Please find the previous classes here. 

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