Designing your Story Rug, Jan 2023

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By popular demand; extra date added: January 15th!!

Design YOUR story rug: New Beginnings
Start the New Year off with a zippity BANG! 
Let's get going on pulling YOUR funny stories, family histories and personal anecdotes from out of your memory museum and into rug form. This class will begin with a series of prompts to get you remembering and musing upon subject material. Then we will walk you through composition ideas and formats for piecing together YOUR stories with a series of design structures to mix-and-match. Bring a paper and  pencil... nothing else needed. You will end up with a collection of distinct drawings in various stages of completion to evolve according to which 'stories' resonate best with you. 

This is a no-pressure class. You will not be put on the spot or asked to share. You are welcome to share and spitball as we go along, but you must feel comfortable and relaxed to do your best work. And 2023 is going to be all about our best self and our best work! It's time to tell YOUR stories!

This class is recorded. If you are not able to join live you will receive the recording and all the same materials. The same class is offered on two dates. You are welcome to log on for either or both. 

Please find the previous classes here. 

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