Designing Like... The Book of Kells, Jan 2023

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 Welcome the New Year with a new 'Design Like' class that will incorporate the best of Celtic design and Irish traditions. This class will walk you through designing in the style of Medieval manuscripts like The Book of Kells and the Black Hours, pulling on Celtic spirals, knotwork, tracery and trumpets as well as enough ancient bestiary design to sink an ark! 

In addition to traditional Celtic design we will be looking at the lore, ritual, and superstition of Irish culture and the centuries of storytelling that have populated the green isle with leprechauns, fairies, banshees, kelpies and more. Our design component will include incorporating Celtic text fonts into our compositions and challenge you to include text elements that we will evolve together in class. Blessings, New Year's traditions, and legendary lore will help us illuminate a chapter of distinctive and versatile historic design that will add style and Celtic character to your original designs. 
This class runs live on two different dates. It is also recorded for those who cannot make either date. The recorded class comes with the slideshow, the recording and absolutely all of the materials the participants of the live class receive. Everyone receives the recorded class on the Sunday after the last class, so you are able to watch and rewatch as many times as you'd like. 
This is a zoom class and I NEVER put anyone on the spot. You can leave your camera on or off and you are never called upon. You are welcome to participate and share, but this is a NO PRESSURE class that is meant to equip you with new tools and designing confidence. You will end up with a series of original designs that are all your own that you can later work up into original rugs. Even if you are not an artist with a capital 'A'... these classes are for you! 

This class is recorded. If you are not able to join live you will receive the recording and all the same materials. The same class is offered on two dates. You are welcome to log on for either or both. 

As you may know, I am currently working on my second book, which revolves around these 'Design Like..... classes. In an effort to get more people involved, this month this class is offered as a BOGO - Buy one get one free. In other words, if you buy this class and a recording of a past class you will receive the (worth $20,-) recording for free.

Please find the previous classes here. 

Please let me know if you are working on projects you have created as a result of the 'Design Like....' series. I would love to use your work in the current book!

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