Design Like.. Henri Rousseau, Sept 2023

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Join me for the next installment of the 'Design Like' series featuring French Fauvist, Henri Rousseau. Are you ready for jungles, exotica, and primitive portraits? Rousseau. considered the quintessential naïve painter, is most famous for his lush, tropical settings and his meetings between exotic cats and folky people, but in class we'll also look at his stellar portraits, filled with symbolism and the kinds of flat shapes that lend themselves perfectly to rug designs as well as his landscapes and little-known later paintings of city scenes. Waxy palm leaves, mysterious curtains of ferns, prowling tigers and giggling toucans, carpets of orchids and finger flowers, couples strolling in parks... it's all Rousseau. 
In class we will work together on a series of compositions that eclipse the many eras of his painting. I'll walk you through games, scripted compositions, and exercises that help you recognize the important facets of Rousseau's work, and give you the tools to be able to translate Rousseau's style and morph it into your own designing. This will be a no-pressure, fun, instructional, and inspirational addition to the "Design Likes'. You can work with me live or watch the recorded presentation in full anytime later. 
All you need is some drawing paper and pencils.

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