All Tie-Dye Wool Dyeing Class... the Four Seasons; dye Zoom Class October 10th

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For this class, you will receive 4 long quarters of Dorr wool, 12 squirt bottles filled with powder (you only need to add the water), synthrapol, citric acid, twine, and endless elastics.
We will create four different color schemes in tie-dye to represent the four seasons. The result will be stunning, patterned wool you that will be perfect for backgrounds and borders, applique, penny rugs, or anything else you like to use delicious hand-dyed wool for.
The class will be recorded and available only to the people who are in the class. You are able to log on any time thereafter and re-watch.

This class will be held at October 10th from 6 PM to 8 PM (EST)

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