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 Holiday Dye Class - The Stockings Were Hung: This month we are celebrating stockings - the nylon kind - in this exciting dye class. Learn to make your Grenfell-style supplies by learning 7 dye techniques with a pre-recorded video you can watch anytime (the access to the recording will be available from the first week of December 2021).

Techniques include immersion dyeing, mottling, mason jar, knot dyeing, casserole, and steam basket dyeing.

The kit comes with 10 white stockings, 10 dyes, screw-lid pots, squirt bottles, gloves, synthrapol, twine and citric acid. You can choose between 4 color palettes:

-Country Squire - sages, cranberries, evergreens, grays, blues, blacks (traditional palette)
-New Years - bright purples, bright blues, bright pinks, bright everything, plus black (bright palette)
-Winter Wonderland - blues, whites, creams, greens (winter palette)
-Christmas Wrapping - reds, greens, pinks, whites (holiday palette)

The kits and the class are also available separately.
Need extra Stockings? They are available here.

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