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Rug Hooking, Punch Needle, Latch Hook, or Min-Punch Needle Pattern of a Dog holding a tennis ball in its mouth.

16" x 28" or 11" x 19" on Linen or Monk's Cloth​ with a 4" minimum border with serged edge.


PDF – Digital Pattern (Digital Download)

The pattern includes general instructions on this pattern and a color image. The 16" x 28" pattern will take roughly 1.25 Square Yards of wool fabric. 11" x 19" pattern will take roughly .75 Square Yards of wool fabric, and is more suitable for small cuts like #3 and #4.

This will vary based on many factors and will vary for each hooker. The design as shown has 18 colors. In addition to black and white, there are 5 shades of gray.

Part of the S. Kirsten Gay Collection. Patterns on backing shipped from Vermont, USA

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