The Elusive Multi-Strand Braided Rug, Zoom Workshop

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Everyone has heard of and seen a traditional braided rug, made up of the parts. The 'braided-in' rug dates back to the early 20th century and, being so poorly documented from generation to generation, nearly fell out of existence because so few people knew how to make it. Learn the mystery of the multi-braid and learn how to braid a very simple 8-strand rug that works up so quickly you won't believe it!

The class comes with a pound of randomly colored t-shirt material already cut into strips, and all the clips and pins you will need to make a small rug. Feel free to bring some old t-shirts in colors you like to add to your stockpile and I can show you how to chop shop them to get the most out of them; it is not necessary as the class comes with the materials you will need, but sometimes it's fun to cut up an old tie dye or a nostalgic old shirt that has special meaning to you.

This is a great recycle/ repurpose project that will give you the skills, tools, and knowledge to carry on making beautiful braided rugs of other shapes and styles in the future, using your castaway clothing.

The class will be live on Zoom. Please bring scissors. Everything else is supplied for you to keep.

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