Tempest and a Teacup

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Rug Hooking, Punch Needle, Latch Hook, or Min-Punch Needle Pattern of a cat inviting you to tea, while saucily spilling a teacup on purpose.

Customizing is encouraged! Feel free to swap the bow and tie, remove it, change it, etc. This pattern is intended to be customized for your cat or used as-is.

To aid in customizing, upper-and-lower case letters are provided. 

--17.75" x 30".  Available on Linen or Monk's Cloth with a​ 4" minimum border with a serged edge. 

--PDF – Digital Pattern (Digital Download)

The 7.75" x 30" pattern will take roughly 2 square yards of wool fabric and will work with a wide range of fabric cut sizes such as #4 - #8 cuts. Some detailed areas may benefit from small cuts (#4-#5 or so).

The amount of wool needed will vary based on many factors for each hooker. The pattern includes general instructions on this pattern and inspirational color images. Patterns on backing shipped from Vermont, USA

When ordering patterns on Linen or Monk's Cloth,  specify if you want:

-COAT PATTERN: Picket (patches of color), Shenanagins (Tabby) or a blank cat

-ACCESSORIES: Bow tie, ribbon or none

-NAME: Name of the cat you would like in the bottom section, or blank.


Part of the S. Kirsten Gay Collection

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