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Recycled Sweater Kits
What in the wonderful world could be better
Than hooking with somebody’s holey old sweater?
You’re living the life of the women of yore
Who hooked by the fireside, dirt for a floor.
Using each bit of that ruby red cuff,
Mixing in pink to be sure it’s enough.
Watching your mat grow, completely enthralled
All marbled and streaky and splotchy piebald.
What to expect when you’re hooking with knits?
Expect lots of breaks, so just don’t call it quits.
Think of as earthworm that grows into twos
Embrace longies and shorties; they’re all there to use.
You’ll end with the squishiest, cushy surprise
A sight for sore feet, and a feast for your eyes!


This Kit comes with the pattern (16" x 12") on Monk's Cloth or Linen and comes with an assortment of woolen strips:


Bag 1:    big twist of dark purple mix for background

               Twist of grays, pink and celery for basket checks

               2 reds and purple for hearts

Bag 2:    big twist of bright mohairs for flowers

               Small white twist for buds

               Twist of tweed green for leaves

               Large twist 2 greens, 2 grays and mohair for lambs tongues around edges


Hooking with sweaters really is different than wool. It hooks fast and full but it has difference properties. Don’t be frustrated if worms break… hook it in small pieces, big pieces – doesn’t matter. Don’t overthink your loop heights – some sweaters are thicker than others and they are collectively going to lend a more varied, antique look than perfectly uniform wool strips. Celebrate the differences and enjoy the novelty! If you have been saving old sweaters, add them too. Save your leftovers for your next mash-up project.

Have fun!

The pattern are also available separately on a choice or linen, monk's cloth, transfer medium or as an electronic file (PDF)

 This kit was introduced in our Coffee Time Live Chat on October 13th 2020:

*limited stock of strips

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